Last king (530-534) of the Vandals (q.v.) whose inept military leadership contributed to the destruction of the Vandal state. His forces were caught by surprise and were ill-equipped to confront the forces of Justinian I, led by Belisarios (qq.v.). His defeat at the battle of Ad Decimum (Tenth Milestone) on 13 September 533 allowed Belisarios to enter Carthage (q.v.) unopposed. Belisarios seized Gelimer's throne and feasted on the food that Gelimer had ordered prepared in anticipation of his victory. Three months later Gelimer's army was crushed at the battle of Tricamarum. He fled, only to surrender in the spring of 534. That summer in Constantinople (q.v.) Gelimer was paraded in a triumph that culminated in the Hippodrome (q.v.), where he was stripped of his purple garments and forced to prostrate himself before Justinian and Theodora (q.v).

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